A Comment on the Recent Events in Ferguson, MO

I have long advocated an end to the insane war on drugs. As of this writing, I have held this position for over twenty years.

If you disagree with that position, then we can have a civil discussion on many grounds and part friends even if our arguments do not lead to any agreement.

But if, after seeing all that has happened this last week in Missouri, you hold the position that this sort of thing is sometimes necessary (if perhaps sad or undesirable), and drug laws will sometimes need to be enforced with this sort of violence, then you are now, in my book, officially one of the bad guys.

You could, of course, hold the opinion that this has nothing to do with drug laws, in which case you are only wrong, and not necessarily evil. ;-)

Not that my opinion should matter to you, but if it does, you might want to have a close look at your motives and see if you are proud of them or not.

- Trevor.

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