Delight the True Believers

Seth Godin says on his blog: "Instead of working so hard to prove the skeptics wrong, it makes a lot more sense to delight the true believers." (Hat Tip to Lifehacker.com)

 I just want to add my voice to his, and maybe amplify it a bit. He goes into a bit more detail in his post, and it spoke to me. Strongly. It's a new way of looking at "I don't care what they think", which has always seemed a little false to me. I do care what they think, even though I don't want to.

 Here is a way to continue to care what "they" think, and turn it on its head to gain motivation instead of killing your idea so thoroughly you forget that you had it.

 That's a good way to look at life. No conflicts with those against me, because I'm focusing on those who are with me. Delight those who believe, and if no one does, delight yourself.

 - Trevor.

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